Why Should You Join NARI Today?

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Expose Your Business to Potential Customers

Receive leads from consumers ready to remodel via NARI’s Website. NARI’s Website attracts 32,000+ page views each month, adding to your online presence. In addition, NARI members can enhance that presence using descriptive text that describes how your company can assist the homeowner and providing space for you to show off your work with a photo. NARI’s social media channels provide in-depth remodeling-focused information to the homeowner, directing them back to the NARI Website to find the professional to complete their dream project.NARI’s nationwide public relations efforts garner many media placements as well as making NARI the go-to resource for editors/writers looking for remodeling experts. Outlets such as Smart Money magazine, the Wall Street Journal and Consumer Reports contact NARI regularly for information and sources on remodeling-focused stories

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Protect Your Business Rights

Influence policy in Washington, D.C. to advance and protect the remodeling industry. Through NARI’s respected, vigilant lobbying presence in Washington, D. C., the association is protecting your business from having to operate in a climate filled with onerous regulations and legislation. NARI has demonstrated lobbying success with sensible regulations and legislation that supports the interests of the remodeling industry and small business.NARI was instrumental in influencing the EPA not to impose lead clearance testing. NARI is currently lobbying tax credits on remodeling products for consumers—another direct, favorable impact on your business. NARI has testified before U.S. Congressional committees and the EPA in public hearings.

If your company cannot support a professional trade association that serves your business interests through lobbying, the industry is at risk. Regulation and legislation impacting the remodeling community will then be determined by opposing better organized interests or uninformed regulators and legislators. Protection of your business rights is a compelling reason to join NARI and to remain a NARI member.

NARI - Training for Managers and Employees

Provide Training to Your Managers and Employees

The amount of information available about remodeling can be overwhelming. NARI views its role as a content curator, sharing only the best tools and tips provided by professional remodelers and recognized industry consultants. All members receive NARI Newswatch, a weekly e-newsletter providing information on small business best practices, from human resource issues to sales and marketing. In addition, you’ll receive insight by the numbers into the remodeling industry. NARI on the Hill keeps members current with NARI’s government affairs activities and priorities.In addition, NARI’s Remodeling Business Pulse survey helps you gauge how your business is doing in comparison to the rest of the industry, in terms of leads generated and leads closed.

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Be a Part of a Recognized Professional Community

The remodeling industry is very fragmented, with a large underground economy. Be part of a group of elite professionals and support the remodeling community. NARI members voluntarily subscribe to a Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice and are committed to professional excellence and integrity. Join a network of professional colleagues who are willing to share best practices and who are committed to high standards.NARI research determined that NARI member businesses:

  • Have more employees
  • Have a more sophisticated sales approach
  • Generate more sales
  • Produce more sales per employee
NARI of Northeast Ohio - Join and Gain Marketing Advantages

Gain a Marketing Edge Using NARI Tools

NARI members are provided a full arsenal of tools to use to reach the consumer. Press release templates and a localized media list keep your name in front of your local reporters and editors. Informational PowerPoints can be used to share your expertise with a local community group, such as Rotary Club or local library. NARI’s tipsheets provide you content for your blog, Website or social media channels. NARI wants its members to be viewed as an expert in their field by the consumer community. NARI’s CotY (Contractor of the Year) Awards program provides award-winners with additional marketing reach, with specialized logos and press releases to help winners tout their accomplishment.

Nari purchasing

Get More Purchasing Power

With the NARI of Northeast Ohio Home Depot Rebate Program you can put money right back in your pocket!

We have partnered with the Home Depot and we want to leverage this relationship to put money back in your pocket.

All NARI members in good standing are eligible for this rebate. The rebate is paid by The Home Depot directly to you twice per year. In order to begin earning your rebate, you must be enrolled in the program. It’s easy as 1, 2, 3!

If you want to register immediately and start earning your rebate call the NARI of Northeast Ohio at 330-762-9951 and ask for the NARI Enrollment Guide or email director@narineo.com to request your copy.


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